It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN! To those non believers who thought it couldn’t be done in time, well you haven’t met Mr. Mulvey or all the men and women who have worked day and night to create the magic. This transformation of the empty lot at 6933 Transit Road is understood the most by the folks who drive by daily. They get it. They truly understand the magnitude of what just happened here in such a short amount of time.

brew empty lot

brew outside finishedThere’s an electricity that really hums through the place now. It’s hard to describe; you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. Perhaps it comes from our newly formed NYBP squad. This hard working tribe of funny, eclectic, creative and talented people is truly a force to behold. Wait until you see them in action. They’ll amaze you.

brew squad
Training outside in November!

The New York Beer Project’s new website will officially be revealed tomorrow. Sorry to all those who thought it was launching last Friday. We promise it’ll be worth the wait.

Brew brewery

We’re all on the cusp of truly exciting times. Just a reminder, the magic happens at 5:00 p.m. next Thursday, November 19, 2015 when we officially open the NYBP doors. People are ready. We already have over 40 parties booked in our Cask Room for the Holiday season and into 2016….Forty!

brew sitting at bar
After 18 hour days and no sleep, the reward is good times, great friends and our beer. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Speaking of parties, we are taking reservations for New Year’s Eve at NYBP. Our official brew gastropubtake on reservations is, that we don’t take them. Just come in, put your name in, head over to the beautiful New York bar, hang out a little and we’ll text you when your table is ready. If you don’t have a smart phone (Vince) we’ll just come and tap you on the shoulder.

brew tap tower black and white

For our New York Beer Project New Year’s Eve however (which we’ve shortened to NYBP NYE), we have been and will continue to take reservations for the gastropub. We will be serving our regular menu, with a few swanky plates for those who want to treat themselves for surviving 2015. For those who want just want to party, you can always just wander into the taproom and ring in 2016 with the crazy NYBP squad.

So we’ll see you in 12 days. Until then, Cheers!


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