So, the reviews are in. A huge thanks to WNY for their enthusiasm and support during this crazy, incredible opening weekend. Cheers!


"Lockport just got an early Christmas present"  
                                -Step Out Buffalo

“Would absolutely visit again. Staff was dealing with a crazy opening weekend but you couldn’t tell with how smooth they handled it. Never waited too long for a drink. Great atmosphere and staff was very friendly.” -Jason Weldy, customer

“A splendid time was has by my wife and myself. We joined the mug club so we HAVE to come back.” -Glenn Mattheis, customer

"NYBP is the first big piece to the initiative's
puzzle and now it welcomes people into Lockport."  
                  -WKBW Buffalo, ABC News, Channel 7

“Amazing! Great value, knowledgeable staff, excellent food and drinks. I couldn’t have asked for more. Kudos!”    -Rachel Parrino, customer

"New York Beer Project is barreling along" 
                -Lockport Union Sun and Journal

“Good food, good beer, good service! Will definitely be back!”  -Heather Beville, customer

“I was in last night and went back today for lunch! Nothing but good things to say about this place.”  -David Batkowski, customer

“Lockport’s New York Beer Project brewpub is one particular destination that has us taking a second look at the suburbs and liking what we see.” -Step Out Buffalo


A huge thanks to Micheline V and Jill Stein for the photos!



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