Well, we’ve been open a month and are absolutely FLOORED by the response.

At the very beginning, we thought we would be employing 45 people max. Now there are over 130 extraordinary members in the New York Beer Project family that have truly become the face of NYBP.12274592_10208363951084239_5444084114066156846_n.jpg

We had to expand our parking lot yet again, and just this past week we installed four more 60 Bbl fermenters so we never run out of our Lockport Lager on you guys. Fun Fact: over 1/3 of the beer sales at NYBP are lagers! We can’t wait for you to try our own.






In the last two weeks alone NYBP has hosted 21 banquets and countless holiday reunion parties.




As we head into this magical holiday week, we are so thankful for the best gift we could ever receive: your support, following, and encouragement. Not to be sappy, but we love you guys and could not do it without you.

HOPPY Holidays! Can’t wait to celebrate with y’all!



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