This Week at NYBP

“When will the Train of Thought be back on tap?”

“Are we ever going to see that beautiful Buckleberry Wheat again in this lifetime?”

“Why do you have so few beers on tap lately? Have your brewers gone on vacation?”

These are questions we get on a daily basis, and here in the brewery, we wanted to let you know the truth about what’s really happening behind the scenes at NYBP.

You know we have 5 seasonal beers: CMS, Destination IPA, Train of Thought Hoppy Amber, Buckleberry Wheat and of course, our famous Lockport Lager.

But the honest truth is, people love to drink beer here. A lot. Last week alone, we went through 5,150 pints of beer! In the past few weeks, we’ve sold out of our Train of Thought and Buckleberry Wheat, which we brewed in 30 bbl batches (that’s roughly 5,500 gallons each), as well as selling out of our St. Patrick’s Day brews-Irish Red Red Eye to Dublin and our Scottish Export I’m Dead Sexy- within one week of release.

It’s not for lack of work either. Our brewers, Jared Lewinski and Jason Crossett have been brewing 24/7 around the clock to get that luscious liquid working it’s magic in the fermenters. If you stop by any time of day or night, I’m sure you’ve seen them working their rubber boots off to fill up those taps with NYBP beer. (Jason hasn’t shaved in a week and there’s still not a whisker on that baby face of his.)

Finally, the good news is: drum roll please… We have lots of beer again!!! Thousands of gallons of it flowing within the next 3 days. Just in time for March Madness, so come on in and watch the games with us because Thursday we’ll release out Carrot Cake Imperial Brown (we’ve tasted it and it will sell out fast, guaranteed.)

carrot cake imperial brown

Friday, we’ll welcome back our unique Buckleberry Wheat, as well as welcome you all to our brand new NYBP EMBASSY, or the place where the Belgians and the IPA’s meet on common ground to form a unique and smooth Belgian IPA. Then Saturday, tune in for more NCAA basketball and the triumphant return of our Train of Thought Hoppy Amber.

We will have more releases (we told you the brewers have been busy!) for next week as well, including our Full Circle- our collaboration with Vertical Vines Hop farm in Lockport, NY- brewed on February 12.

vertical vines collab 3

vertical vines collab 2

Remember these pictures on Facebook? Well next week it will be ready for it’s closeup. We’re actually so excited about the amazing outcome that we’re going to put it against all the other older established Buffalo Breweries at the Buffalo Niagara Brewer’s Invitational Competition which will be held at Pettibones Bar and Grill on Saturday, April 2nd. Send us your good wishes via mental telepathy (or stop in and give them to us yourself!)

As always, our VIP Mug Club members get complimentary tastings of the new releases. We love you guys! …not in a weird way, but in a warm and fuzzy beer kind of way.

And don’t forget- this Sunday from 10am-3pm is NYBP’s first ever Easter Brunch at the Brewery! This event will be complete with our chef-inspired buffet of all your brunch favorites (with the NYBP twist, of course) as well as an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids held in the upstairs beer garden.

We don’t take reservations…but don’t worry. For this special event, we will have our VIP Beer Garden and Cask Room decked out in all it’s Easter Sunday finery so there is room for everyone!

Check out the mouthwatering menu below:

brunch poster-01

So there’s the inside scoop on beer, brunch and all things NYBP, and we’re walking on sunshine over here just thinking about it. Join us this week for all the excitement!



Sunday Brew: Edition #33

First of all, thank you everyone. All of you wonderful people have made NYBP Western New York’s hottest new spot to party.

We had an awesome time at Kenan Center’s Niagara Wine and Beer Festival last night…

IMG 3491

…and the after party back at the Project was pretty cool!

But we never look back here at NYBP. We have an EPIC couple of weeks planned for you here at The Project. There’s a lot of things you guys looking for insider information will find particularly interesting!

We begin with the rollout of our “Un Trivial Tuesdays.” This Tuesday and Tuesday February 16th.

trivia night poster option 2-01

And here’s an official message from our Trivia Jockeys- The Jersey Boys!

Jersey Boys Debut this Tuesday!!!!!!!

You’ve heard of the New Jersey Boys, well, we present the Old Jersey Boys. They can’t sing, but they have been around for a while so they know some stuff.

This Trivia challenge tips off this Tuesday, February 2 at the New York Beer Project on Transit Road in Lockport. Al Franco, Kirk Spitler, and Joe Walter are the Jersey Boys and will host a regular trivia challenge at the brewery. They will be donning sports jerseys and encourage participants to do the same.

Prizes will be awarded for the team trivia competition winner, best/most interesting team name, best/most interesting jersey, and a bunch of other stuff. There will also be food and drink specials in the trivia room. 
There will be three rounds of questions, with ten to fifteen minute intermissions between rounds for suitable re-beering of participants. This will be followed by one final, all-or-nothing round question. Questions will get progressively more difficult by round, or your rounds will make participants progressively less logical. Trivia teams can consist of up to six players. 

Let the Jersey Boys take you on a whimsical, wacky, mental mission.

See you Tuesday at the NYBP, “Where Trivia is not Trivial.”


brought to you by the Jersey Boys

NOTE: All times are uneducated guesses, but might be accurate. If they’re not, so what? You’re at a place that serves really excellent beer. You could be in line at the DMV.

7:00 – 7:15 Welcome / Sign in Teams and distribute answer sheets / Ten Warm-Up questions Team Name Award Winner announced / Get a beer.

7:15 – 7:35 Round 1: 15 Questions / Drink beer.

7:35 – 7:50 Old Jersey Boys & assistants grade Round 1 responses. Everybody else get beer.

7:50 – 8:10 Round 2: 15 Questions / Drink beer.

8:10 – 8:25 Old Jersey Boys & assistants grade Round 2 responses. Everybody else get more beer.

8:25 – 8:45 Round 3: 15 Questions / Drink beer.

8:45 – 9:00 Old Jersey Boys & assistants grade Round 3 responses. Everybody else get more beer.

9:00 – 9:15 “Double or Nuttin’” Round: Must declare before question asked if your team will participate in this round or rely on current point total. Question will be asked and teams have no more than three minutes to respond. OJB’s review responses, total up points and announce top three teams. Winners get good stuff; runners up get firm, yet sincere handshakes from the OJB’s, who will sign autographs after the event’s completion.

9:15 – 11:00 Celebrate your victory raucously, or complain to anyone who will listen as to how/why your team got robbed, jipped, or cheated out of fame and fortune. Be sure to get more beer in either regard.

These amazing creative teachers from Starpoint will be your NYBP trivia TJ’s for the first and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, however we’re still looking for some Lockport teachers, or even some local college Professors to take on the role for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. Let us know if you know any trivia geniuses!


Next Tuesday, February 9th, NYBP will host a Special VIP Viewing Party up in our Cask Room for the premiere of the Reality Series Ink Master: Redemption. This will be a private event for the cast and special guests, however, if you happen to be drinking a Lockport Lager in the tap room with the Paparazzi, you may catch a glimpse of some celebs!


Saturday is our Mardi Gras Bash, where our kitchen will be having a special release of Chef Kevin’s Bayou Jambalaya, which will be available through Fat Tuesday (2/9). The star filled night will also feature special Creole cocktails such as Category 5 Hurricanes, VooDoo Brew, and Alligatorade! You can dance the night away to Zydeco music with Lee Ron Zydeco and the Hot Tamales, starting at 9:00, and we’ll be throwing beads from the balcony to people who earn them (hint: time to up the costume game here, people!)

facebook event size-1-01-01

If you’re hungover the next day, come in for a CMS Coffee Milk Stout (which we nicknamed our “morning beer”) because it’s our NYBP Superbowl Tailgate Party!

Superbowl Poster-01

Our Executive chefs at the project will be suiting up for their own football competition. Chef Jordan will be rolling out his AFC Mile High Pork Chili in a smack down vs. Chef Jesse who will bring his best defense with his rendition of NFC North Carolina Roadhouse Chili. If you want to take part in the competition, you can order a flight of the two chilis paired with a flight of our beer, and you can vote in the 2016 AFC / NFC NYBP Chili Smackdown! We will also be serving Chili Dogs, and Chef Nate’s New York City style Stuffed Peppers, which have to be tasted to be believed! REALLY!

That’s all this week! Coming up next week, NYBP will start having our special Fish Fry that will blow all other Buffalo Fish Frys right back into Lake Erie. And, of course, we have a special Valentines Beer Release from Jared and Jason!

Valentines Day Beer Release-01

We’re having so much fun over here at the Project, we hope you are too!


Sunday Brew: Edition #32

It may be 9:00 in the morning, but raise a glass of something because over here at NYBP we are FINALLY serving our own beer!

This past Wednesday was our Grand Opening, and it was quite the show. We had a VIP Tasting Reception with Jared, Jason, and all our wonderful Mug Club members.

IMG 3382

IMG 4127-1
IMG 4138
IMG 4131
IMG 3387
Cheers to our friend Dale who is currently in first place on the Mug Club Leadership board!
IMG 3406

We were even joined by Sam Hoyt who read us a Proclamation from Governor Cuomo and helped us cut the ribbon in our NYBP Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

IMG 4130

After that, we were joined by hundreds of people from all over the country, as well as the incredibly talented members of the band BYT, leading to quite the celebration.

IMG 3426

All in all, it was an amazing night of celebrating what NYBP is all about: good beer and good times.

IMG 3431
Looking ahead, the fun is far from over. We are already knee deep in our preparations for what many call the wildest party of the year: Mardi Gras. Better start getting your costumes ready!
facebook event size-1-01-01

Before we sign off, just a quick reminder that NYBP will be closed tomorrow for our Holiday staff party.

See you soon!


Sunday Brew: Edition #31

Happy 2016! It’s certainly been quite the year. We had an absolute ball ringing in the New Year with all of you at NYBP last Thursday.

IMG 0053
20151231 202218
20151231 202623
20160101 002755
20160101 003210
IMG 0217

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to toast to this wonderful year than drinking champagne and dancing the night away with all of you guys.

But, as always, we’re looking ahead, and have got some AWESOME stuff lined up for 2016. Our grand opening is coming up on January 20th, and if you didn’t get a chance to check out the event on Facebook, here are all the details of this celebration.

NYBP will be closed during the day as our lines switch over from
Guest Taps to NYBP Taps. After that, the fun begins.

4:00 pm: NYBP Mug Club Members Reception
VIP first pours and Meet and Greet with the Brewers of New York Beer Project (exclusive to NYBP Mug Club Members)

5:00 pm Doors Open to Craft Beer lovers of America (and everyone else). Brewmasters Jared Lewinski and Jason Crossett introduce our NYBP Front Line Up to Western New York!

7:00pm: Live Music Begins and a night of festivities and wonderful beer ensues!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we reveal the wonderful beer that Jared and Jason have been hard at work brewing for y’all!

Grand opening4

Our NYBP Event Planners are also hard at work putting together some pretty cool shindigs for this year. From Mardi Gras parties to luaus to lots of new beer releases, we want to make 2016 the Year of the Party. You can check out some of our events by clicking the link below:

So as you unwind from the hectic holiday season, keep in mind that the fun is far from over. NYBP is just gettin’ started.


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Sunday Brew: Edition #30

Well, we’ve been open a month and are absolutely FLOORED by the response.

At the very beginning, we thought we would be employing 45 people max. Now there are over 130 extraordinary members in the New York Beer Project family that have truly become the face of NYBP.12274592_10208363951084239_5444084114066156846_n.jpg

We had to expand our parking lot yet again, and just this past week we installed four more 60 Bbl fermenters so we never run out of our Lockport Lager on you guys. Fun Fact: over 1/3 of the beer sales at NYBP are lagers! We can’t wait for you to try our own.






In the last two weeks alone NYBP has hosted 21 banquets and countless holiday reunion parties.




As we head into this magical holiday week, we are so thankful for the best gift we could ever receive: your support, following, and encouragement. Not to be sappy, but we love you guys and could not do it without you.

HOPPY Holidays! Can’t wait to celebrate with y’all!


Sunday Brew: Edition #26

Hey there all you thirsty beer drinkers!

We are excited to give you an update on the progress our brewers have made. This week Jared and Jason commissioned the brewhouse with help from our friend Alex with Criveller.


With everything in place and ready to go, they began brewing around the clock in order to get our beers to you soon. This past weeUntitled.11jpg.jpgk our building truly felt like a brewery as the aromas of fresh malts being milled and then steeped, filled the brewery each morning. The aromas ranged from sweet caramel, toffee, and nutty to rich dark chocolate and java. Are you thirsty yet?

By day tUntitled22.jpghe brewery was quickly filled with the aromas of hops. Ourbrewers love hops so much that it may require brute strength to mix the green cones into the wort. Here Jared is mixing in whole cone Chinook and Centennial hops in our hopback to infuse their fresh character into our Destination IPA. A hopback is a small vessel where hot wort is transferred from the kettle prior to going through the heat exchanger and on to the fermenter. It’s another way we can add an additional layer of bright hop character to our beers.Untitled33.jpg

Here, it looks like Jason is trying to get right in there to get a taste of fresh Cascade hops being infused into our hoppy Train of Thought Amber.

By the end of the week all of our large fermenters were filled with delicious wort and the brewery became one hell of a yeast party.

Soon we’ll have nearly 2,970 gallons of beer to quench your thirst. We are very excited to bring to you our Destination IPA, Train of Thought Hoppy Amber, Lockport Lager which is a premium Czech style Pilsner, our Coffee Milk Stout brewed with local coffee from New Day Coffee Roasters, and our Buckleberry Wheat brewed with Boysenberries, Blackberries, and wild Huckleberries. Look forward to them hitting our menu and beer board in late December to early January.

We cannot thank you enough for all your support and patience. While you wait for our beers to be ready, come on down and have a pint from one of our fellow local breweries and enjoy the smells of sweet malts and hops! Next week our brewers plan to brew a Belgian style Russian Imperial Stout.

Stay thirsty my friends!

Sunday Brew: Edition #28

So, the reviews are in. A huge thanks to WNY for their enthusiasm and support during this crazy, incredible opening weekend. Cheers!


"Lockport just got an early Christmas present"  
                                -Step Out Buffalo

“Would absolutely visit again. Staff was dealing with a crazy opening weekend but you couldn’t tell with how smooth they handled it. Never waited too long for a drink. Great atmosphere and staff was very friendly.” -Jason Weldy, customer

“A splendid time was has by my wife and myself. We joined the mug club so we HAVE to come back.” -Glenn Mattheis, customer

"NYBP is the first big piece to the initiative's
puzzle and now it welcomes people into Lockport."  
                  -WKBW Buffalo, ABC News, Channel 7

“Amazing! Great value, knowledgeable staff, excellent food and drinks. I couldn’t have asked for more. Kudos!”    -Rachel Parrino, customer

"New York Beer Project is barreling along" 
                -Lockport Union Sun and Journal

“Good food, good beer, good service! Will definitely be back!”  -Heather Beville, customer

“I was in last night and went back today for lunch! Nothing but good things to say about this place.”  -David Batkowski, customer

“Lockport’s New York Beer Project brewpub is one particular destination that has us taking a second look at the suburbs and liking what we see.” -Step Out Buffalo


A huge thanks to Micheline V and Jill Stein for the photos!